Rule for Classifying E-Liquid Flavors Using Our Proposed Flavor Wheel

Rule for Classifying E-Liquid Flavors Using Our Proposed Flavor Wheel


E-fluids are regularly arranged dependent on showcasing portrayals. Grouping e-cigarette flavors as indicated by promoting includes brand names and flavor portrayals on bundles or in ads. Eliquid portrayals are utilized in advancement and showcasing to make a relationship of the e-fluid’s flavor with a specific item that the shopper knows and ideally enjoys. Utilizing these showcasing portrayals for flavor characterization requires normal standards, as brand names consistently change and flavor depictions are touchy to translation contrasts. For example, this survey has indicated that scientists have arranged a specific flavor in various classifications (eg, vanilla was delegated cream,39,44 candy,36 sweet,45 dessert/candy,12 or dessert/sweet27). Besides, e-fluids are not just advertised as single flavor, for example, strawberry or watermelon, however they can be related with various flavor characteristics. It could be addressed which of the flavor traits ought to be utilized for characterization, regardless of whether an e-fluid flavor can be related with numerous classifications, and how a differentiation could be made between the “essential” flavor and “optional” flavor characteristics. For example, of an e-fluid depicted as raspberry tea, is the essential flavor raspberry (eg, natural product) or tea? So also, if an e-fluid has numerous flavor traits, for example, “a trace of tobacco, banana, rum and custard,” which of these qualities decides arrangement?


So as to limit understanding contrasts, to reliably order e-fluids and recognize essential from auxiliary flavors, we propose three stages as a rule to arrange e-fluid flavor utilizing our flavor wheel:


Stage 1

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