Organizing Your Customer Service Systems in a Direct Sales Business

Organizing Your Customer Service Systems in a Direct Sales Business



The key to great customer service is having great systems. You are in business for the long term, not the one-time sale. Therefore, build your customer service plan for the long term. Run your business like a business, not like a fundraiser by מערכת שירות לקוחות only passing around catalogues. Here are some tips to help you increase your sales through a strong customer service system.

First, determine what makes your customer service stand out from the competition? Is it birthday cakes? Special events for preferred customers twice a year? Decorating sparkly ribbon on reorders? Including a balloon delivery with every large reorder? Whatever your “special service” implement it consistently by putting reminders on your calendar. If you plan it – you will do it!

Next, create a customer service plan for the next two years. Map out when you are going to make your new product calls, hold your open houses, have special sales, send out birthday cards, and hold special events. This allows you to consistently promote the next event while you are face-to-face with your customers and prospects. Also, by creating a long-term plan, you have the ability to coordinate your marketing activities with your customer service activities.

By creating a checklist for each event, each event becomes easier to implement. Put the checklist in a folder with all the supplemental materials. Take your Summer Open House for example. What is your advertising plan? Email, postcards, flyers, Facebook postings, Twitter, phone calls… ? Put your scripts, copy of the invites, guest list, food served, special sales, pictures of product displays and other special activities in your folder. Then, each time you hold the event, you can pull out the folder, make adjustments as needed, and hold a stress-free and organized Open House.

Next, put “to-do” dates on your calendar for each event. If your “Christmas in July Open House” is scheduled for July 25th and you are going to promote the event with postcards, you need to count backwards. You want the guests to get the postcards 2 weeks in advance. It takes 3 weeks for the postcards to ship from the printer, so you need to make a notation on your calendar to order postcards at the beginning of June. Do the same with the phone calls. If it takes a week to call your customer list, and you want them to have a 2 week notice, make a note on the calendar to start making your customer calls in early July.

I urge you to take the next few weeks to implement one or more of the above suggestions. The more systems you can create, the easier the customer service portion of your business becomes.


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