Are You Completely Lost on the Subject of How to Love a Man?  

Are You Completely Lost on the Subject of How to Love a Man?  

Loneliness is all around us. Even though we find ourselves in a planet with billions of people, many of these people live alone. Others, who may live with others, still harbor extreme loneliness on a continual basis. In the case of woman, we find many    슈어맨    searching for advice on:

  1. a) How to make a man fall in love with the real me
  2. b) How to make a man love you and you alone
  3. c) How to love a man and all that he does
  4. d) How to love a guy when you don’t know how
  5. e) How to make a man love you

A man is a very different “type of animal”. Many a woman has tossed and turned in her bed trying to figure that special guy out, and show him that they love him. Are gifts and presents the only what that you can show that special guy in your life that you care? Hardly. In this article we will be examining and exploring the various ways in which it is possible to tell that special man in your life that you love him through and through…


We have heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is true for many men. Now we won’t go as far as to say that food is the way to make a man fall in love with you, but every man appreciates not only good food, but the thought that goes into the preparation of that special meal.

1) Let’s consider breakfast for starters. How about making him something unique…like “heart-shaped” pancakes perhaps? Not into pancakes? How about trimming the corners off his toast to replicate the heart shape? The butter that accompanies the dish can also be trimmed into a heart shape, and will taste great on toast or pancakes. Yum…

2) The next meal of the day is lunch. Many men take their lunch from home, and this provides you with a great opportunity to show him that you love him. Why not make him a special lunch meal and pack it with a note saying “I love you”. He will be quite surprised…especially when he is looking for that “same ole, same ole sandwich”.

3) The evening dinner is the main meal of the day for most people. It’s a time when you can sit back and relax the most during the day. How about a candlelight dinner with some scented candles? Why not play his favorite soothing and romantic music in the background. Be sure that you make his favorite meal to compliment the evening.

4) While snacks can be eaten throughout the day, a romantic snack is very memorable indeed. Did you have a special treat when you started your dating life? How about a delicious ice cream cone and that walk along the lake? Nobody says that you can’t recreate this experience again by “retracing your steps”.


We all need to know that people care about us, and men are included in this group. Sure, they may be the “strong, silent type”, but they can still get a teary eye when they watch a sad or romantic movie. To show that special guy that you love him, here are a few ways:

1) A hug is a powerful thing, and it says so much. When he least expects it, come up from behind and give him a big bear hug. Why not whisper into his ear “I love you”. Don’t do this all the time so that it gets “old”. Keep it special and random.

2) Listen to him. Can’t get much more simple than that. For many women it so tempting to talk your man’s ear off when he gets him. You want to vent and get out your frustrations. For a change, let him talk and you just listen. Don’t change the subject to your day, but offer “I’m listening responses” like “I see” or “Hmmm”. He will remember your care and concern for him…


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