DIY Credit Card Debt Relief

DIY Credit Card Debt Relief

Everyone has a credit card these days but unfortunately, not everyone is debt-free especially with the credit card being such a great tool that allows you to purchase on credit where there is absolutely no cash in your wallet. That’s how we end up with this thing called a credit card debt. So how can we get a debt relief? There are some methods    feshop 18   that we could try, namely debt negotiation in order to get a debt reduction. So, how do you make a call to negotiate a debt?

  1. Make preparations before you call

You need to have all the relevant information with you before you call. This not only helps you to understand the situation but you definitely need a clearer picture of the whole situation. Prepare these items in front of you before you make the call:

– The latest credit card bill
– Letters from the creditor that offers a settlement
– The amount that you are able to pay if a settlement is reached. This can either be a lump sum payment or a monthly amount

  1. Make the call

If your account is long overdue for some months, don’t expect any cordiality or pleasantries from the collectors. However, make your intention clear that you are interested in reaching a settlement or making a payment. Some collectors will be glad to help while there are also some who will turn you down. If luck is on your side, the collector will then proceed and ask you to verify your personal details such as your contact number, employer and home address.


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