Containing. While containing an aggressor you should bring down your focal point of gravity by bowing your knees and inclining forward. Retreat if the aggressor moves sideways. Never face a dribbler straight on, on the grounds that he will put the ball between your legs or he might run by you. You will not have the opportunity to make a total 180-degree turn. All things considered, approach the ball transporter at a 45-degree point driving him towards the sideline. Be ready to move horizontally with your adversary, don’t simply jump at him.

Square tackle. The square tackle is the most fundamental method of exhausting an adversary of the ball. It is intended to give you ownership while keeping you on your feet. Plant your supporting foot immovably so you don’t lose balance. Then, at that point, similarly as your adversary contacts the ball, you should place your free foot oppositely to the bearing wherein he is moving. Whenever executed appropriately, this will make your foe stagger or hack up the ball. ของฝากแปลกๆ

Jab tackle. With jab handling, you essentially cut the ball away from your adversary. You should utilize the foot which is nearer to the ball. This technique doesn’t ensure that you will acquire ownership of the ball.

Slide tackle. Albeit marvelous, slide handling ought not be utilized except if in urgency or when you’re away from your own objective. It can likewise be extremely powerful against adversaries spilling down the sideline or safeguarding the ball.

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